Ronin Concepts Security Solutions Ltd is a British internationally accredited Security Company specialising in broad spectrum security strategies and training

Ronin Concepts Security Solutions Ltd is a British internationally accredit Security Company specialising in broad spectrum security strategies and training.

Dun & Bradstreet, D-U-N-S® Number: "220953609" 

The company was formed in 2004 and all company directors and senior staff are former Special Air Service (SAS) operatives with over twenty years operational experience.

In order to meet the ever increasing demand for operational and aesthetic requirements to governments and international corporate communities, Ronin Concepts have developed a range of services and strategies.

Through direct representation, partnerships and joint ventures Ronin Concepts provides clients with an international database of skills, specialist personnel and bespoke strategies.

All Ronin Concepts personnel are qualified and licensed to SIA, Security Industry Authority standards.

All operational requirements and deployment protocols are based upon a full and continuous risk and threat assessment. This assures a comprehensive solution will always be available to deal with any actual or potential risk related situation.

Why choose Ronin Concepts:
Ronin Concepts Security Solutions Ltd is dedicated to providing the best Security Service available in the market place today. Our knowledge is vast, our operational experience is extensive and above all our commitment is absolute.

Ronin Concepts teams provide broad spectrum security services for:

  • Senior British and American diplomats
  • Members of various Middle East Royal families
  • Foreign VIP's and dignitaries
  • Commercial and business executives
  • Film crews and media personalities