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Latest News

Level 3 Award in Education and Training formerly PTLLS now available with Ronin Concepts

Ronin Concepts is pleased to introduce Level 3 Award in Education & Training (formerly PTLLS) to its training portfolio.   This course is in line with ISO28007 where all MSO Team Leaders will be required to have their PTLLS instructor rating.  

New Regulation for Private Investigators Surveillance

The Home Office is introducing new regulation of private investigators.  Licenses will only be granted by the SIA when an applicant has successfully completed; * training and achieved a government-recognised qualification, which includes understanding of relevant laws and standards, and the skills required to conduct activities ethically; * confirmed their identity; and * undergone a thorough criminality check. The regulation of private investigators will be introduced as quickly as possible and the new regime will begin next year.  Operating as an unlicensed private investigator

Funding Options and Charities

Many service and ex-service organisations offer financial assistance to serving and ex-serving personnel and members of their families to support a course of study or training.  This may include assistance with the added costs and expenses associated with studying. The list of organisations below have been used by some of our students, however the list is not exhaustive so please contact us if you can obtain funding through another organisation. Professional and Career Development Loans Professional and Career Development Loans are commercial bank loans that can be used to help pay for work...

Spearhead Assault: by John Geddes Book

In the last great hand-to-hand battle of the twentieth century, the men of 2 Para bit off more than they could chew...but they chewed it anyway. On May 21st, 1982, nearly four hundred soldiers from the 2cd Battalion Parachute Regiment under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert 'H' Jones, landed with a British Task Force at San Carlos Bay on the Falklands. Their mission: to take the strategic position at Goose Green where military intelligence reckoned there were a couple of hundred Argentine troops guarding an airstrip. The intelligence was wrong and when they attacked on May 27th, they were

Highway to Hell by John Geddes Book

"Anyone entering Iraq must travel the road from Amman to Baghdad along the Fallujah by-pass and around the Ramadi Ring Road. It's the most dangerous trunk route in the world used as a personal, fairground shooting gallery by insurgents and Islamists with rocket propelled grenades and Kalashnikovs. For newcomers to the country it's terrifying - but hell only really begins when that first journey ends..." Present-day Iraq: a crucible of torture, chemical warfare and Islamic terrorism, and straddling over it all the mighty US Army and its allies; but there's another western army in Iraq that dwarfs

BBC Radio 4

More from our series of letters from the Falklands War, and John Geddes, who fought in the battle of Goose Green >> Listen to John tell of some of his memories of the battle for Goose Green08:45 - BBC Radio 4. More from our series of letters from the Falklands War, and John Geddes, who fought in the battle of Goose Green. Lives would be saved by learning lessons of Troubles There are no better trained or motivated troops in the world than the British and like the rest of the nation I'm proud of the job they're doing in Afghanistan. But I have been watching their tactics closely...