Hostile Environment Close Protection Course

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Hostile Environment Close Protection Course

Crossing any border in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other war zone constitutes active service as soon as you cross the border. You don’t have time to train with foreign weapons or tactical field firing in country. To bridge this operational deficit Ronin Concepts has constructed a Hostile Environment Close Protection course that caters for students who are intent on employment in hostile environments. Our training strategies endeavour to maintain an effective balance between theoretical and practical training ensuring the development of a confident competent Close Protection operative. This is achieved by the utilisation of skills learned on this course.

  • Comprehensive and innovative general Close Protection skills instruction both theoretical and practical. Skills and tactical procedures in line with SIA criteria/core competencies in conjunction with realistic scenarios and practice. BTEC Level 3 Award for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry is awarded to successful students.  This course is Highfield Awards accredited.
  • Driver training. A good insight in to the preparation, control and techniques of low profile tactical driving, vehicle escort drills, convoy procedures, contact drills and vehicle navigation. 
  • Surveillance/counter surveillance.  Counter surveillance techniques are critical in the pre-emption of potentially lethal situations.  Proactive measures to detect and counter surveillance are taught and practiced. 
  • Full bore tactical field firing (live).  This is carried out in Poland or Florida utilising unique drive-in ranges where students having practiced vehicle contact drills extensively dry now have the opportunity to practice live.  Realistic battle handling lessons are practiced and tactical scenarios developed.  Weapons covered are Glock 19 pistol, AK47 and US M4. Successful students are awarded a Weapon Handling Competency Registered Certificate valid for 3 years. 
  • Medical trauma management. A comprehensive medical package designed for Close Protection operatives working in hostile environments. The course is demanding and realistic. Sessions are delivered by former Special Forces Military CMT1. Subjects covered; First Response Emergency Care of Medical Conditions and Trauma. FREC Level 3 (RQF) is awarded to successful students.  This course is Quality Awards accredited. 


All Hostile Environment Close Protection courses are delivered in training facilities inPoland and Florida. 

Other Information

Upon successful completion of this Hostile Environment Close Protection course the student is awarded;

Highfield Awards BTEC Level 3 Award Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry

Quality Awards (RQF) Level 3 First Response Emergency Care

WHC (Weapon Handling Competency)

Ronin Concepts Hostile Environment Close Protection Registered Certificate

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