“Firstly I would like to say thank you to all the staff in the Ronin office, all the admin staff managed to remain professional throughout, even though being highly distracted by my essence ness!!! (Only joking girls) awesome job. All administration tasks carried out to an airborne standard (awesome)

Secondly I would like to thank all the instructors, Nick, Little John and Big John an outstanding level of instruction throughout and their experience and knowledge is second to none. The course itself is a steep learning curve but under the instructors guidance is well achievable and highly enjoyable. The course is structured with the intention of allowing you to be able to operate as part of a CP team where ever it be in a commercial or hostile environment and I am confident that I would be able to do that so thank you again.”


Everything was great, all the instructors are all over it, great training. All admin staff are very helpful. The accommodation is more than what I thought it would be.

All instructors were fantastic and relaxed. Couldn''t speak higher about all of them. 

Overall course was excellent I would recommend to anyone.

Very helpful, professional and accommodating instructors. Learnt a lot overall very impressed and satisfied with the course so far.

Very knowledgeable instructors, impressed by standard of delivery and facilities.

Excellent course with highly experienced, knowledgeable and very approachable instructors.

This course was outstanding, the level of instruction was at a very high standard. What I learnt in 5 days was excellent.

After spending some time researching which CP course provider to use I am glad I chose Ronin Concepts, Hereford. The experience of the instructors is second to none and the knowledge they pass on was excellent. Many thanks to all.  

The trauma day of the FPOSi course was excellent.  I''ve experienced a few days similar on previous PDT exercises however nothing compares to the Ronin Concepts version.  I can''t imagine how it could have been anymore realistic than if it was happening for real. 

Brilliant run course, would recommend to anybody.  Very professional throughout and remained diligent. Thanks a lot. 

The FPOSi component of this course exceeded my expectations.  The instructors had a thorough knowledge base and a wealth of experience of which they passed on throughout the course.  The food and facilities were fantastic and always to the highest level.  The realism of the training is a big point that stands out and I thoroughly look forward to the CP component of the course.

It''s going well in Basra, the guys are great and LN''s much easier to work with than expected. As far as the job goes, I pretty much hit the ground running and found myself working as TL before the end of my first week; there''s no doubt the single best thing I did was to complete your course. A massive thanks to you all!

The course was the right pace.  Instructors top of their game, knowledge tops!

The instruction was very good at all times, lots of relevant information and plenty of confirmation. The office staff were very courteous and helpful at all times.  All the meals provided were excellent.  Very good, professional instructors who were very knowledgable.

Professional, insightful, effective, overall a very well run course with a very knowledgeable and experienced team of instructors which makes the course more informative.  A good mixture of theory and practical work.  Would definitely recommend.

All instruction was aimed at the right level for all learners.  With the “we are here for you, you are not here for us” attitude given by the instructors created a pleasant and effective learning environment.  First class provider. Food and accommodation first rate.  

Just a brief note to thank you guys for training me so well!! The course that I took 2 years ago (wow time flies), has proven that it is the best in the UK if not the World. I am currently working in Basra, Iraq protecting High Value Clients around the Oil Fields and into the City. I am a Team Leader in charge of 3 B6 armoured Land Cruisers, my team consists of 4 Local Nationals and my Medic 2i/c, also happens to be Ronin trained so I know the guy alongside me is not only ex British Army but also a highly trained CPO, and I know how he will react if things go loud!!?

I work 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off and last year I earned 70K, its tough but very rewarding, like being back in the mob but paid like a Rockstar.

I would highly recommend Ronin Concepts for your CPO course, the truth is in the tasting, and I know I am just one of many reaping the rewards of their training.  

Whether you have military experience or not, the Ronin Concepts team fully prepare you for all Close Protection duties from VIP to Hostile Environment. I benefitted hugely from the huge knowledge base of the instruction team, drawing as they do from many years'' experience in Executive Protection, Hostile Environment Protection and Tactical First Aid. The facilities and training, particularly during the field firing phase are second to none. For me the best training comes from those who have done the job and done it well and that''s why I chose Ronin Concepts. 

Excellent course and instructors with both the knowledge and personal experiences which make Ronin stand out from the rest. Serials were lifelike and informative and overall a top top course and company. Thank you Ronin and Team. 

Being a non National I thought I will be struggling with the course, thankfully I was given a good support all throughout the course. An intense and extremely interesting course, instructors were very knowledgeable on the subjects covered and easy to talk to. Very enjoyable and mentally challenging.I''m so happy to have done this course! – thanks again to all! 

I attended the Ronin Concepts HECPO course. I was greatly assisted by the Admin Staff at Ronin all through out my initial enquiry and upon my arrival at Ronin Concepts training centre. I have to admit that I was a little nervous at the idea of training with people of the calibre of John and others but they put us at ease straight away which allowed for an excellent learning environment. The knowledge and skill that they were able to impart to us is in my view second to none.

I found the course challenging and exciting. There was always something to do and learn. The Hostile environment side of the course was excellent and the skills training were absolutely brilliant. I have since recommended a number of friends and colleagues to attend this course and I will be going back for further training in new skills and to update those already acquired.

As a result of my training with Ronin Concepts I am now gainfully self-employed in the Security industry in Ireland where I work in Close Protection, Surveillance and Security Training. I have to say that I would not be where I am today without attending the Ronin Concepts HECPO Course. 

As someone who volunteers with the ambulance service and has completed numerous military and civilian first aid packages, I must comment that this was without doubt the best course I have ever attended (FPOSi).  The instructor’s knowledge and delivery methods were second to none.  I would personally attend an advanced course specifically to be taught by this team, simply excellent. 

Just to say thank you to everyone at Ronin, the course was outstanding and I really enjoyed it. Its good to have instructors that are really passionate about what they teach and the personal experience behind the teaching to reinforce it. 

Very good course, enjoyed every minute. Thank you! 

The medic’s instruction was excellent.  Their background and experience is second to none and the manner in which the course was delivered made the week highly enjoyable and for me very rewarding both from a learning perspective but also socially. 

I really enjoyed the course learning the skills to become a close protection operative. Both the theory and practical work covered was excellent. The field firing phase was the best week as we got hands on different weapons, ‘rifles and pistols’ and experienced many different vehicle contact drills. 

The Ronin Concepts Hostile Environment course was beneficial to me as it provided all aspects of training which is required in a hostile environment. There was also one to one training from the instructors that helped me during the course which I found excellent as this in-depth training allowed me to take everything on board without getting overwhelmed. I highly recommend the course to any service leaders who want to take up a career in close protection as I found it to be a high quality training package. 

The course was run well, in a professional manner and in accordance with SIA legislation. I very much enjoyed it. 

I was a well experienced NCO from the Paras and I thought the course was going to be a ‘tick in the box’ course but I was wrong. I learned a great deal, all the SIA stuff and more; the field firing was magic, proper C.Q.B. and plenty of vehicle contact drills. Thanks.

A good course with practical, knowledgeable and experienced instructors. 

Gold standard of FPOSi medic training.