New Regulation for Private Investigators Surveillance


New Regulation for Private Investigators Surveillance

The Home Office is introducing new regulation of private investigators.  Licenses will only be granted by the SIA when an applicant has successfully completed;

* training and achieved a government-recognised qualification, which includes understanding of relevant laws and standards, and the skills required to conduct activities ethically;

* confirmed their identity; and

* undergone a thorough criminality check.

The regulation of private investigators will be introduced as quickly as possible and the new regime will begin next year.  Operating as an unlicensed private investigator * will become a criminal offence. 

Ronin Concepts Covert Surveillance course is a 7 day course with successful students obtaining a recognised qualification Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators (QCF) accredited by Pearson EDI. 

* All investigative activities that are carried out for the purposes of publishing legitimate journalistic material will be excluded from regulation