Hostile Environment Awareness Training

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Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Hostile Environment Awareness Training, or H.E.A.T. training, is designed for all personnel intent on working in potentially dangerous or high risk areas. 

In today's expanding global marketplace, businesses, corporations, media teams, oil field specialists and professionals alike are potentially vulnerable to significant security and political risk. Perceived or actual risk whether to personnel, strategies or facilities needs to be properly evaluated or the result could be; increased insurance premiums, injury, illness, project failure, reduced efficiency or even death.

Risk can never be totally eliminated but it can be reduced.  Ronin Concepts Elite Ltd has the knowledge and expertise to advise and prepare individuals in hostile environment awareness.  All instructors are ex UK Special Forces (SAS, SBS, SRR).

Our course is tailor-made to your requirements and a guide to the general program of subjects covered is listed below.  However, we usually recommend a one to one discussion with one of our instructors so that we can accurately ascertain your needs and draw up a bespoke program from there.  

Subjects covered include: 

*          Introduction to risk assessment, hostile situation awareness & security planning/management

*          Vehicle security, low profile tactical driving, journey planning, convoy and checkpoint awareness

*          Extensive practice with top of the range GPS systems in the form of lectures and practical application

*          Medical trauma management.  Either basic skills (including triage assessment, control of bleeding, breaks/burns, defibrillation and airway control) or Level 2 First Person on Scene Intermediate qualification (accredited with Pearson Edexcel)

See for full details.

*          Ballistic threats, mines & IEDs.

*          Surveillance & counter surveillance

*          Civil disturbances and riots

*          Personal Safety (to include sexual violence and abuse)

*          Environmental threats, extreme hot and cold weather

*          Kidnap, abduction, interrogation & detention

*          Other subjects can be included as necessary.



All Ronin Concepts Elite Ltd courses are held at our own training facility in Hereford. We are unable to provide our on-site accommodation for this course but can help with finding a suitable hotel or bed and breakfast.

We will be pleased to discuss individual group requirements that require training  closer to home. Our instructors are able to train at other suitable locations where feasible. Please call the office for further information. 


Other information

Upon successful completion of this Hostile Environment Awareness Training course the student is awarded;

Ronin Concepts Elite H.E.A.T Attendance Certificate

Pearson BTEC Level 2 First Person on Scene Intermediate (if undertaken)

Operational and administrative advice is also only a phone call away. If you would like to know anything more about this course please contact us.